Careful! Chemicals!!

Adding Chemicals with the fruits to ripen has become chronicle diseases for the fruit tree owners as they run after reaping high profit through selling the fruits in a season. They hardly think what they do may cause a heavy toll of sufferings not only to the common buyers but also to their kins. Their selfish and thoughtless activity cause undetermined number of people suffer to various degrees ranging from instantaneous sickness to permanent diseases. It has become a common practice to ripen seasonal and juicy fruits with harmful chemical. It can easily be understood if we have a glance on the juicy fruits, with puzzle, we see no insects like flies suck them even after going rotten. Once flies had a regime circling the fruits but now they are rare to catch on the juicy fruits. Again these fruits look appealing and glistening which make their price hike. Even common fruits like grapes, bananas and the like are hardly found fresh they grow in the garden. This only happens for the profit-mongers’ greed. They thrive the misery of the customers of all classes. This trend is destroying customers, ailing common buyers. We urge the government should monitor the nuisance regularly and adopt strict measures against the miscreant. No mercy and zero tolerance should be shown in this regard. We are struck with horror when we see the mobile courts are led irregularly and the miscreant go unpunished tactfully. They must not be given little chance to escape punishment and make profit causing people miseries through their services. The government should employ mobile court regularly to catch red handed the jacks behind this engineering who forget the punishment too soon. Adoption of punishment in iron hand can stop this momentarily. So, it must be monitored regularly. Also, the roots must be discovered and punished severely so they no one in the chain can escape punishment for doing this heinous job. We ourselves must ensure we are not encouraging the dishonest sellers in consuming the poisons. In fact, we all should take care of our conscience not to buy poisons with the money earned through our hard labour only to escape adulterated food. Let us be more careful consumers!!

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