Lion & Lamb

A lion and lamb live together in a forest, but do not occupy the same space. They go through their daily lives pretty much the same way, as well. The lion and lamb both go to work, spend time playing, and go to sleep and so on. Although they each have two legs, ears and eyes, for example, there are marked differences between the two, however. The lion is a predator that is massive and strong; the lamb is much weaker by comparison and less deadly than the lion. At some point, both will become hungry and need to eat. In the course of having to communicate with the other, that is for example, when the lamb said it was hungry, the lion was not affected in any way. Because of the difference in power, the lion does not have to concern itself with whether or not the lamb is hungry.  Even the most considerate and kind lion, with the best of intentions, can never understand what it is to be the lamb because it has been a lion all of its life. It trusts the relationship is equal and it does not have to know anything about the lamb in order to survive. The lamb, however, has to worry whether or not the lion is hungry all of the time. It must always be aware of what the lion is feeling and thinking every minute of the affair – one slip and the lamb becomes dinner. The relationship is not equal even though the lion, through no fault of its own, might think it is.

To paraphrase, consider what happens in a relationship when a person with more power essentially dictates how the relationship operates. The more powerful agent, in this case the lion, makes rules as to how the lamb will work, play and even live. The lion may even make rules for the lamb to abide by, as well doling out consequences for particular lambs who do not comply. Each agent (lion or lamb) in this situation is not bound by the same set of rules, so measuring the other equally by the same standards can be problematic, to say the least. Consider how some language learning attempts to equalize everyone and ask yourself, is everyone the same?  Consider which role you play?

On a glorious day in the Garden of Eden, by a pool where the sweet water runs, A Lion sits nervously as he awaits for the arrival of his king. Suddenly a lamb jumped out from the bushes to get a drink. The lion looked up at the delicate creature. “Hello Friend” He called out roughly. “Hello” said the sweet little lamb “Wonderful day isnt it?” she asked, her voice meek and humble”Yes it is” the lion laughed, which shook the earth. Then the small Lamb’s laughter joined in to creat the perfect harmony that danced across the Garden. “I am waiting for my king, come and we shall wait together.” said the Lion sweetly. The tiny lamb smiled and jumped over the small stream and walked to the large lion. The Lion sweept the Lamb closer and together they walked around the luscious garden. They passed the apple tree in wich they ate from hungrily. Over a period of a couple of days, The lion came to love the little lamb with all of his soul. As the Lamb felt the same way for the big Lion. One day, as they lay beside the apple tree, The Lion looked up and saw Adam and Eve getting some fruit from the Tree of Good and Evil. The Lion tried to yell out to try and stop them, But as Adam’s teeth sunk into the forbidden fruit. All that came from the Lion’s mouth was a fierce roar that shook the Earth. Suddenly the Lion felt hatred towards the Small Lamb. He bit her neck with his teeth now sharp and deadly. The lamb screamed out as the pain was inflicted into her. The Lion jumped back only to see the one he loved , the innocent lamb, laying motionless covered in her own blood. The Lion kneeled and wept beside his loved one. Then a figure so bright and full of sadness walked to them and picked up the bloody lamb. The figure spoke in a soft and Sweet voice “Wipe your sorrowful tears my beloved Lion, for one day you will lay with the Lamb agian.”


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