English 2nd Paper
Exam: 1
Time: 1.30hr                                                                           Marks: 70
1. Complete the passage with suitable verbs. Give their correct tense.       1 x 5 = 5
Most of the students of our country are expert in (a) ____________ answers. They do not prepare notes by themselves. They get them (b) ____________ by their tutors. Their tutors exercise their brain for the students. So the (c) ____________ power of the students does not develop. They do not acquire any (d) ____________ over the language. They, of course, do well in the examination. But for this they can claim no credit of their own. This result (c) ____________ them in their future.
2. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.                                  1 x 5 = 5
A postman is very well-known (a) _____________all. The postman serving (b) _____________the town puts (c) _____________khaki dress. He goes (d) _____________one home to another. He is very sincere to his duties. He is very careful (e) _____________delivering letters, parcels etc.
3. Use articles where necessary. Put a cross (x) where an article is not needed.                                                                                                 ½ x 10 = 5
Socrates believed that (a) _____________angry man was more of (b) _____________beast than human being. He had a wife who used to lose her temper on (c) _____________slightest excuse. One day (d) _____________woman got more furious and began to insult him. He went out and sat on the doorstep of him (e) _____________house. He looked out on the public (f) _____________street. The wife found that he was paying the least heed to her. So she began to pour hot water on (g) _____________head of Socrates. The passersby in (h) _____________street were much amused at (i) _____________incident. They had not seen such (j) _____________incident before.
4. Complete the following sentences with the phrases or idioms from the box. 5 x 1 = 5
Sine die
Took place
Take to task
On account of
by and by
Out of order
To the backbone
a) The accident ______________________ in a second.
b) The boy was wicked__________________________.
c) He ______________________________ for smoking.
d) The college was closed________________________.
e) _____________ his illness, he joined the meeting.
5. Rewrite the following in the reported speech.                               1x5=5
“Stop! You’re eating all our bread,” shouted the two rats. “I’m doing my best but I’ve told you it’s difficult,” said the monkey. “Give us that little piece,” said the rats. “This is my piece, haven’t I done a lot of work for you?” replied the monkey. “How foolish we are believing you!” said the rats.
6. Read the following passage and transform the underlined sentences as directed.                                                                                               1 x 5 = 5
(a) Cox’s Bazar is the largest sea-beach in the world (Positive). (b) Everybody knows this (Interrogative). (c) Tourists from home and abroad visit this beach (Passive). (d) They come here to enjoy themselves (Complex). (e) Our govt. will take more steps to make it more attractive (Passive).
7. Fill in the blanks with tag questions.                                              1 x 5 = 5
(a)    Something is burning, _____________?
(b)   Everybody hankers after money, _____________?
(c)    It is man who pollutes the environment, _____________?
(d)   She hardly talks on cell phone, _____________?
(e)    The evil doers always suffer, _____________?
8. Complete the following sentences.                                                 1 x 5 = 5
(a) Dowry means property or money that _____________.
(b) Those who are greedy _______________.
(c)  United we stand, ___________________.
(d) Man poses but _____________________.
(e) His silence proves that _______________.
9. Write a composition on Science in Everyday Life                          15
10. Complete the following story:                                                      15
Once there was a king named Robert Bruce. He was a kind and just ruler….

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