Tribute to Memory

Suvrata Das

Recollecting memories with heaving sighs is something like aching pleasure. Thanks to God for introducing us with memory and for making our heart its wonderful abode. So I think we are indebted to our memory and sighs. These two result in hope, which is synonymous with life. Man perishes but like the eternal soul memory survives and reigns supreme. It infuses a different boastful feeling in me and makes me saying so long as I can breathe and my eyes can see, so long live these and these give life to me. When life becomes bored for pulling the wheel then only memory gives it the desired refuge. Mind wishes to knit those colourful dreams again to enjoy the bliss of solitude with the accompaniment of loneliness. Then memory comes and captures everything and reminds us of its very existence. A sudden tune comes and says, “ Why are you sobbing? I am still with you”. As all tunes don’t take the shape of a melody, same is the case with memory. Among many of them one revives life being fatal. The flakes of events our spent life add feather to our memory. Every moment noble ideas assemble there. While searching this tears roll down, throat gets voiceless. Utter vagueness prevails everywhere. Its strength can be understood after entering its depth. All sorrows and frustrations vanish then. Mind cheers up, soul gets delighted. Mind a desire to remain in that magic spell but that sigh comes again makes its place well built. Whenever mind wanders in that colourful island, suddenly an air comes keeping the lung empty which is the unexpressed symbol of unfulfilment, melancholy. Mind has to be back from that place. If not so, life will be static. So to keep life always vibrant, we have to spend it, live it. Again, wherever it seems heavy, mind turns to memory. It gives life shadow like a friend as if wanted to bind with a different compassion. But sometimes the pain of losing becomes more powerful than pleasure of getting. Thinking about this mind becomes melted, nervous. Soon a different atmosphere emerges. The very sigh tries its best to make mind oblivious about this but mind can create again that soothing atmosphere, the same background. Perhaps the iota of unfulfilment remains there but the tinge of getting once spreads beams over there which can’t be expressed but to be felt.


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