Live Long, Suffer Long!

Muthophoner Goddo

Mohammad Mohsin

 Muthophone, nowadays has become one of the most used technologies in poor country like Bangladesh. People of all classes use it though the youngsters abuse it to a great extent. They waste not only their valuable time but also money in chatting hour after our, messaging etc. And it is needless to say that it is immensely used as a medium of telling lies.
Ringing off and on, without any notice, a muthophone can really be very disturbing. It cries with irritating tone or melody at midnight when one is sleeping or at midday when one is taking lunch. Calls may come at the most unexpected moment when one is engaged in a serious job. Such a necessary evil it has become!
The most recent supplied muthophone sets, on top of these, having multiple amenities like mp3, mp4, camera, video etc. are so much available in the palm of youngsters. The young boys and girls would chat with one another through the night to avail themselves of free or low-tariff opportunity offered by the mobile companies. Muthophone makes them feel romance but snatches away their spirit to work. Students like us would forget their lessons led up to poor performance in classes and finally in examinations. They can’t realize that they are getting addicted and deteriorated day by day. What is a matter of great  disappointment is that it rings on the class or exam hall and consequently the teacher, involving in class, loses his/her temper and gets diverted.
The touch of missed calls may come from your spouse or friend or from anybody. And it makes you worried so you call them back. What is more irritating is call from a wrong number. That asks you, “Are you Rasel bhai or Sumi apu?’’ You just gently say, ‘‘ Sorry, I’m not the person you are looking for. But some are not giving you up so easily. They will phone you again and  again  and ask your details.

I wish I would get rid of the hazards of muthophone. But the technology has entangled my existence with it (and most likely yours too) and I can’t get out of it. It has eaten up our mind and damaged our brain cells. In spite of having immense demerits, according as our use, we cannot live without it, can we? 


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